University of Southern California

The mission of the USC School of Cinematic Arts is to develop and articulate the creative, scholarly and entrepreneurial principles and practices of film, television and interactive media, and in doing so inspire and prepare the women and men who will become leaders in their respective fields.

Founded in 1929, USC Cinematic Arts now enrolls over 1,600 full-time students plus 10,000 living alumni, including scholars in teaching institutions throughout the world, artists, writers, directors and industry executives. These men and women have been honored with every major award available in motion pictures, television arts, game development and new media, ranging from Oscars and Emmys to accolades presented by American and international film festivals.

The school continues to build upon its legacy by redefining its curriculum to fit the changing spectrum of media arts and technology. We offer comprehensive exposure and undergraduate and graduate instruction in all facts of cinematic storytelling across our seven academic disciplines: Critical Studies, Film and Television production, Animation, Interactive Media and Games, Producing, Writing for Screen & Television and Media Arts and Practice.


Alan Baker
Associate Dean,
Administration & International Projects
USC School of Cinematic Arts

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