Over the past fifteen years, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s commitment to developing a nationwide film program has flourished, resulting in some truly remarkable work.  Here is a selection of the most recent screenwriting, animation, production design and film productions that have been supported by Sloan grants and partnerships, leading up to the 2014 Sloan Film Summit.


In 1965, while the US and the USSR rush to get the first man on the moon, the Zambia Space Academy hopes to join the race with their “spacegirl” Matha Mwamba.


In 1979, a film student stumbles upon a weapons-grade nuclear reactor in the middle of the UCLA campus. He soon finds himself entangled in a web of cover-ups surrounding the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history.


A biologist takes a post at a research station in Antarctica to investigate the mysterious death of her former lover.


Love is dumb. Now there’s an app for that.

Black River

A community college geology professor risks everything on a bold new theory in the race to discover an epic diamond pipe in the Northwest Territories.

Blow Out

Set on a remote rig somewhere in Canada’s sub-zero natural gas boom, the story follows geologist Zoe Hill over the course of a career-defining weekend.

Breath of Life

Determined to be an advocate for infants and mothers in the 1950s, Dr. Mary Ellen Avery will stop at nothing to combat the suffocation of thousands of premature infants.


40,000 B.C.—When a Neanderthal rescues a human child from the woods, he unwillingly ushers in his tribe’s destruction by attracting the attention of a much more advanced and ruthless species.

Capturing the Stars

From housemaid to astronomy pioneer: the true story of Williamina Fleming.


Richard Feynman through letters to his wife Arline.

Deep Sea Divers of 1929

Fun-loving socialite Otis Barton decides to build the world’s first deep-sea submarine, proving to a group of passionate scientists that he is worth more than the sum of his bank account.

Devil's Work

A boy investigates the circumstances surrounding his father’s death.


When a doctor starts practicing medicine illegally in New York, he’s drawn into a medical underworld where he risks losing everything.

Drive Power

A newly formed robotics team at Spelman College, an historically black all-female college, recruits a recently laid off robotics engineer with hopes of entering their robot in the “Robocup” international robotics competition.

Drunk Science

What if science journalism were a little drunker?


A primatology PhD student finds his field research to be the site of 21st century slavery and must decide if his scientific detachment applies to the people around him.

End Run

When the star of the college football team fails to perform, he is forced to explore science to understand the trauma that haunts him.


In the wake of her mother’s death, Amy takes it upon herself to host Thanksgiving in an attempt to keep her fractured family together.


A lovelorn biologist decides that relationships should be approached as practically as science. However, when he heads to Guam to further his research, he learns that love is as unpredictable and invasive as the brown tree snakes he studies.

Final Jeopardy

When communication problems threaten his relationship with his fiancée, IBM researcher Charles Ferrell decides to build a supercomputer that understands the intricacies of language well enough to compete on the game show Jeopardy.

Finding Tom Harvey

A young journalist, an old pathologist and Einstein’s brain travel in a blue Skylark across the United States to put an end to one of science’s biggest mysteries.


When a journalist learns that her father has made the fossil discovery of a lifetime, she jumps at the chance to tell his story. But first she must pull him away from his newfound belief in creationism.

Forest Fire

Wildfire scientists encounter political and physical dangers when deciding how to manage fires. Based on the story of Lassen National Park, Forest Fire follows one firefighter’s experience with an especially difficult inferno.

Francis Turnbull

It’s 1963 in Cape Canaveral. As his parents’ marriage falls apart, 15-year-old, barely-four-foot-tall Francis Turnbull sets off to find a miracle cure to help him grow.

Frank's World

Frank’s World explores the relationship of the scientist to the nation-state by way of two of the bright stars of 20th century American physics.

Fritz Haber

Before Fritz Haber, generals won wars. After his rise to power, technology determined victory.

Getting In

After losing his scholarship, Roger sets out to hack into the university’s tuition software to delete his bill.

Gregory and Jane

Jane and her father Gregory haven’t spoken in years, but when he makes an attempt to reach out to her, she has to decide whether or not she wants to reconnect.


An obsession with ping-pong disrupts an otherwise pleasant evening.

Hildegard's Heir

After being struck by otherworldly visions, a struggling painter chooses to conceal the detrimental physical repercussions in order to hold on to her newfound source of artistic inspiration.


Doctor William Gilbert hates medicine almost as much as he despises his hot-tempered patient, Queen Elizabeth I, but they fall in love as he fights to save her life.

Mary & The Moon

Putting a man on the moon was easy. Getting him home again required a woman’s insight.

Memoria De Octavia

The more you think of a memory, the more it changes; the safest memories are those that you don’t think about.


As her world unravels, a young marine biologist desperately conceals a dark secret that threatens to destroy her ability to do the work she loves.

Mother's Day

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Moving Day

During a difficult move, two lovers wear augmented reality headsets and get embroiled in a heated argument, sharing point-of-view memory clips of their relationship as fodder for their fight.

Newton's Laws of Emotion

When a young Isaac Newton falls for a headstrong princess, he seeks to understand the principles of love using his new system of mathematics. But when his greatest adversary attempts to steal his work and the woman he adores, Newton realizes that falling in love isn’t a matter of calculus, it’s chemistry.

Nose Hair

While playing a game with his friends, a young boy discovers that he has no sense of smell.

Nzara '76

1976. As a deadly unknown outbreak spreads between Sudan and Zaire, two doctors tasked with tracking the mysterious illness are caught between a small town’s cultural beliefs and the extreme measures needed to stop the disease soon to be known as Ebola.


Joe, a programmer and obsessive self-quantifier, risks losing his marriage when he models the personality for a digital voice on his wife, Emily.


At the age of 23, Charles Darwin embarked on the voyage of the Beagle. What he learned on the trip would change the future of the human race and the scientific basis for slavery forever.


Peter, a successful House Tuner who calibrates the sounds of interior spaces for optimal living, meets Ellen, a client whose problem he can’t solve. His failure, and her unique mystery, threatens his grandiose theories about human behavior.

Prodigal Summer

Three love stories woven together over the course of one summer in southern Appalachia.

Quantization Nation: Newton's Pinata

Cowardly humans: behold the power of science! Rational thinking so bold that it’s in every appliance! Calculating the odds! Correlating causation! The gang does it all in Quantization Nation!

Radium Girls

A mysterious illness propels working class teenage sisters into a radical coming of age.


Two damaged young men trying to reclaim their lives, push each other to the breaking point until they realize that only their friendship will save them.

Science Fair The Musical

When Katie’s parents ban electricity, her only hope for winning the school science fair lies in figuring out how to turn plants and cow manure into sustainable energy.

Sensitivity Training

A misanthropic microbiologist is forced into sensitivity training and forms an unlikely friendship with the bubbly woman assigned to be her coach.


The life of Physics professor Dr. Alexander Young is thrown into chaos when his ailing father is forced to leave his retirement home and live with his son.


The truth will come out.

Spring Offensive

Dr. Liz Scott, a British epidemiologist with the World Health Organization, is tasked with containing an outbreak of Ebola in Afghanistan’s war-torn Helmand province as the Taliban’s assault on allied forces threatens to turn the localized outbreak into a global catastrophe.


Journeyman boxer, Abdul Gillings, was raised to fight and win. But, when he kills an opponent in the ring, he must confront his greatest enemy—himself.

Starry Night

Inspired by the night skies of the high desert, a teenage girl struggles to escape poverty and rural isolation to become an astronomer.


Born a boy, 11-year-old Sammy knows she’s a girl and is determined to live her life as one.

Survival of the Fittest

12-year-old Charlie’s only concern is to play baseball and be a star athlete, but when he is sidelined due to his progressive neuromuscular disease, he must prove to his school that he still belongs by winning the last competition of the year—the science fair.


An obsessive, genius inventor must overcome a deceptive media mogul and his own inner demons to redeem himself in the eyes of the woman he loves.

The Absence Sonata

When a young musician undergoes experimental treatment for a career-threatening condition, the increasingly disturbing side effects he experiences force him to question what it means to be human.

The Brain Mirror

In 1940 a Jewish neuroscientist travels to her German hometown to evaluate Hans Berger, a Nobel Prize candidate for inventing the electroencephalogram who might also be involved in her father’s disappearance.

The Buck Decision

George Stoddart, a reporter with two strikes against him, investigates a huge hospital cover-up, bringing one of the nations biggest atrocities to light and finding redemption for both himself and the victims involved.

The Buried Life

A kleptomaniac archaeologist embarks on the dig of her career, but when her dysfunctional family follows her to the excavation, she discovers her biggest challenge is facing what’s above ground.

The Collector's Gift

A modern day fairytale about a young girl who discovers the key to creating a new world.

The Cure

A group of lab animals set out to find a cure for cancer.

The Dust

One girl’s journey to save her family’s land through the scientific method and teachings of a scientist, despite her father’s insistence on God.

The Flight of the Wasp

In 1944, an Italian engineer turns down the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of designing the world’s first helicopter, and instead invents the Vespa.

The Infinite

An enlightening journey encompassing the birth of the universe.

The King's Pawn

A former chess prodigy challenges the world champion with the super computer he spent his life designing.

The Loneliest

Two women on completely different frequencies are looking for the loneliest whale in the world.

The Man Who Wore a Sanitary Pad

When a small town factory worker in India discovers his wife is sacrificing sanitary pads for their milk budget, he becomes obsessed with creating a cheaper pad. Based on a true story.

The Manhattan Project

In the midst of World War II, brothers Peter Valenti, a talented physicist and engineering savant, and Courtney Valenti, an ace pilot, are pulled into different directions in service of the Manhattan Project.

The Rain Collector

In 1861, Vanessa doesn’t know what she’s meant to do…but maybe the rain holds the key.

Three Light Bulbs

When a young engineer returns to her rural Chinese village to share the solar technology that she’s been developing, she must first win over her long-neglected father.


A sister caring for her blind older brother finds herself struggling with her independence when she discovers that Usher syndrome will leave her blind and deaf.


A housewife suffering from the deadly Sickle Cell Disease suddenly discovers there is a cure to rid her of the illness, but she is forced to reconnect with her estranged sister—the only person who can save her life.


The story of genetically un-engineered love.


A young Air Force drone operator races to track down his insurgent target, while struggling to cope with the surreal commute between his family life and a war he fights by remote control.

Unnatural Science

1951. On the final expedition of his career, a zoologist travels with his wife (and longtime field partner) to the Himalayas in search of a hirsute biped (more commonly known as Sasquatch) long believed to live atop the icy mountains.

Venus Transit

A grumpy 80-year-old astrophysicist and a 40-something chick-lit novelist are forced on a road trip together to watch the transit of Venus.

Waking Hours

In a world where people are losing the ability to sleep, a British border agent leaves the safety of his country to search for the woman whom he loves.

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

A young, bookish paleontologist is accompanied by the headstrong daughter of his nemesis, and escapes to the Wild West to restore his reputation.

Where the Sky is Born

On the eve of a space launch, the first Mayan astronaut remembers the magical incident that ignited his passion to reach the stars.

Wild Love

Wild Love juxtaposes the social lives of a group of wild capuchin monkeys with the behaviors of the primatologists who study them.


A young pediatrician begins his residency only to discover that the institution is conducting Army funded experiments on developmentally disabled children.

Yellow Rain

It’s 1984 and Harvard professor Matthew Meselson fears misinformation will push the U.S. into a chemical arms race with the Soviets. He has little time to convince the State Department that they are mistaken.


A researcher searches for a missing tiger in the jungle while trying to overcome a personal crisis