Covering behind-the-scenes details, unique perspectives and event highlights of the 2014 Sloan Film Summit.

Writer and Showrunner Beau Willimon on the Great Drama of Science

The Sloan Summit’s public-facing program on Sunday started off with a keynote address on Science and the Art of Storytelling by Beau Willimon, a Sloan-winning playwright and screenwriter whose credits include The Ides of March and House of Cards, of which he is the creator and showrunner. New York Times LA Bureau Chief and former… Read more »

Sloan-Supported Shorts at the Sloan Film Summit

Sunday’s public Science and the Art of Storytelling program at the 2014 Sloan Film Summit continued with a program of Sloan-supported short films. There was a carefully curated selection of five shorts, each from a different university partner of the Sloan Foundation. After the program, the filmmakers in attendance came onstage to discuss their films… Read more »

A Roomful of da Vincis: Introducing the Sloan Film Program Grantees

Filmmaker Giulia Corda After the opening night screening of The Theory of Everything Friday night, the Sloan Summit started Saturday morning with some words of introduction from Josh Welsh, President of Film Independent, and Doron Weber, Vice President of Programs at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Welsh began with a personal story: when he was… Read more »

The Science and Entertainment Exchange Presents: The Art of Science

The Art of Science: Host Ira Flatow, Casey Cooper Johnson and Ralph Echemendia “We’re here to talk about the intersection of science and arts!” NPR’s Science Friday host Ira Flatow said Saturday night at the Sloan Film Summit. “If you’ve followed science and the arts over the decades, you know there’s been a really big… Read more »

Distribution 101: Panel with Industry Experts

Ted Kroeber, Erick Opeka, Alexandra Marvar, Melanie Miller and Eric D’Arbeloff Saturday afternoon, the Sloan Summit hosted a panel of distribution experts to discuss the ever-changing landscape of film distribution, both digital and theatrical. The panelists were Eric d’Arbeloff, Co-President and Co-Founder of Roadside Productions; Melanie Miller, formerly VP of Acquisitions and Marketing at Gravitas… Read more »

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Case Studies

The following case studies were produced by Film Independent through interviews with filmmakers involved in the films covered within. The information contained here was not cross-referenced or fact checked with any other parties. This information is provided for attendees to get an understanding of the process of launching a film and bringing it into the marketplace form the experience and point of view of the filmmaker.

Case Study: A Birder’s Guide to Everything

Dramatic Feature Director: Rob Meyer Writers: Rob Meyer, Luke Matheny Producers: Kirsten Duncan Fuller, Lisa K. Jenkins, Dan Lindau, R. Paul Miller Budget: Approximately $1 million Financing: Private Equity, Grants Production: 20 days, August-September 2012 Shooting Format: ARRI Alexa Digital HD Screening Format: DCP World Premiere: 2013 Tribeca Film Festival Website: Official Synopsis Sideways… Read more »

Case Study: Computer Chess

Dramatic Feature Writer/Director: Andrew Bujalski Producers: Houston King, Alex Lipschultz Budget: Under $200k Financing: Private Equity, Grants, Crowdfunding Production: 16 days, Summer 2011 Shooting Format: Sony AVC 3260 (circa 1973, analog video, B&W) Screening Format: HD Cam (preferred) World Premiere: 2013 Sundance Film Festival Awards: 2014 Spirit Awards: Nominated – John Cassavetes Award, Nominated –… Read more »

Case Study: Future Weather

Dramatic Feature Writer/Director: Jenny Deller Producers: Jenny Deller, Kristin Fairweather Budget: Under $1million Financing: Private Equity, Grants, Crowd-funding Production: 26 days, August 2010 Shooting Format: RED ONE Screening Format: HDCAM World Premiere: Tribeca Film Festival, 2012 Awards: Alfred P. Sloan Prize, 2012 Hamptons Film Festival; Best Film, 2012 Napa Valley Film Festival Website: Official… Read more »

Case Study: Particle Fever

Documentary Feature Director: Mark Levinson Producers: David Kaplan, Mark Levinson, Andrea Miller, Carla Solomon Budget: $1.4 million Financing: Private Equity, Grants Sloan Grant: Sloan Foundation Grant Production: January 2007 – July 2012 Shooting Format: HD (Panasonic HDX 900, Sony XDCAM), HDV (Canon HV30) Screening Format: DCP World Premiere: 2013 Sheffield International Documentary Festival Awards: 2013… Read more »

Case Study: Robot & Frank

Dramatic Feature Director: Jake Schreier Writers: Christopher D. Ford Producers: Sam Bisbee, Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Galt Niederhoffer, Lance Acord Budget: $2.5 million Financing: Private Equity Production: 20 days, July – August 2011 Shooting Format: Arri Alexa Screening Format: 35mm World Premiere: 2012 Sundance Film Festival Awards: 2012 Sundance Film Festival: Winner – Alfred P. Sloan… Read more »

Case Study: Valley of Saints

Dramatic Feature Director: Musa Syeed Writer: Musa Syeed Producer: Nicholas Bruckman Budget: Under $200,000 Financing: $100,000 Sloan NYU Production Grant; Raised another $100,000 Production: 60-70 (non-consecutive) days, August—November 2010 Shooting Format: Canon 5D/7D Screening Format: HDCAM World Premiere: 2012 Sundance Awards: 2012 Sundance Film Festival: Winner – Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize, Winner –… Read more »